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Kratom Stories episode 3

Some say Alcohol is the most deadly substance used in the country. Many alcoholics cant go to rehab so they take green maeng da kratom because it has been shown to help alleviate alcohol withdrawal and cravings. But I know many liquor store owners that are not doctors. I’ve purchased alcohol without a prescription. But this is not even in the same level because Kratom is as harmless as coffee, yet you can buy coffee anywhere and everywhere, without any doctor’s prescription. I’ve even read the false claims made about the deaths that were allegedly caused by Kratom. Seriously? Big pharma claims 44 deaths linked to Kratom. I doubt Bali Kratom was the main substance that caused any of these deaths. I’m sure that other drugs were involved, or even a person’s mental state if they wanted to end their own life before red thai Kratom, then tried it, and decided to proceed anyways; they were likely suicidal prior to taking Kratom powder, and desperately seeking something to change their life, they tried Kratom pills, and it didn’t magically make them the happiest person in the world, so it was going to happen regardless. It’s amazing how the government along with big pharma finds a way to keep God-Given substances away from people, while you can go to any doctor and get a synthetic form of the person’s drug of choice, from Pain Pills , to Adderall (Meth), to pretty much anything you want. Or, you can walk into any store and buy enough alcohol to kill a small town, without anything but an ID and a few bucks As I mentioned,

Because Kratom is the all natural home remedy, pure plant leaves without any additives, I did not have the worry of adding more acetaminophen, other NSAIDs, or any other OTC pharmaceutical into my body. This meant I could increase my kratom dose or take it more frequently during a pain flare. This was a game changer for me. I’ve been able to lessen the severity of my bad pain days and give myself a much better quality of life

Currently I am taking white vein Bali but I have used several different strains in the past and have had great results with all of them. My current dosing is 8 capsules 5 times a day depending on my pain level. At this time, I have never experienced any side effects or issues with taking Kratom extract, but I definitely recommend that new kratom users start with a small dose and work their way up to find a dose that works best for them. I highly discourage new users from immediately starting at a higher kratom dose because you have no idea how your body will react or what potential side effects you may experience.

I belong to several online kratom groups. One is a group for those of us interested in politics and activism. Interestingly the group is filled with a large number of people suffering with all manner of chronic illnesses many of which cause these people a great deal of pain. I regularly recommend kratom to fellow members, especially those having to use significant pain management drugs and those having a hard time finding doctors to help them manage their illness or pain, that they should try red vein Kratom and see if it could help them reduce their pain and pain anxiety and increase their mood.

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