Allie Severino- 2nd Act Podcast

Join us with Allie Severino the star of VICELAND: DOPE SICK NATION

Allie Severino was born in Englewood, NJ, and moved frequently between Florida, New Jersey, and New York throughout her childhood.

Allie has experienced not only life in recovery but the life of a young person in general. Like any other young person, Allie has totaled cars, lived paycheck to paycheck and experienced the deaths of countless friends. On the flip side, Allie has succeeded in business, gone back to school, helped numerous friends get sober, all while not resorting to drugs or alcohol no matter the pain or contentment she has experienced.

Allie doesn’t expect a trophy for doing the right thing. Her greatest desire is to share the hope she now has to make an impact on her community.

Neuro Psychiatric Addiction Clinic is recommended for treatment

Listen and watch her story as she takes you through each step of her life and reflects on her feelings in these specific moments of her life.

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Twitter: @allieseverino
Instagram: @allieseverino_

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